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Exactly What You Need

Welcome to Falcon Aerial Analytics

With several years of experience, FAA has proudly served North America's market. We’re committed to not only providing quality products and services, but going above and beyond to ensure our customers are completely satisfied. We welcome you to look through our site to see all we have to offer.

The Full Story

Falcon Aerial Analytics is a company based in Saint Louis, Missouri. Our team is formed by experts in many technology areas, starting with IT services and many other new technologies. In addition, our proximity to a critical Geo Hub provides us with direct access to new developments and vast knowledge in the market.

Fascinated by unmanned aircraft capabilities and the potential improvements our team can bring to numerous areas of human activity, we decided to use our experience in a major IT corporation and provide a professional approach to successfully implementing these solutions.

By merging the experiences in IT enterprise service management and modern aviation, the company offers comprehensive and targeted services to facilitate the adoption of best practices in drone operations, avoid mistakes and accelerate success.

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What is your main UAS (Unmanned Air Systems) challenge?

Do you want to begin?

You know that UAS might help you work better, but you are intimidated by the complexities of the use?

You understand that there are noticeable knowledge and financial investment needed for successful drone adoption, and you would instead focus on your work than learning about UAS all by yourself?

Wouldn't it be advantageous to assist in planning, testing, and deciding on the best way forward?

Do you need to move forward?

You already have a UAS program in your organization that needs to develop. Do you want to determine that the best practices are followed, but your organization lacks expertise in critical processes like Safety Management, Risk Management, or Service Level Management?

Your current UAS operations are safe, and you view them as valuable. Still, do you need a way to effectively prove this to your organization's decision-makers and secure long-term business support and funding?

Are you looking to outsource?

Do you want to concentrate on your core business activities and have someone else execute the flights and basic data processing?

Do you only need aerial images (photography, thermography, video, maps, etc.) to help you work effectively?

Do you want to have your drone-related processes designed and coordinated externally by an experienced pilot and operations expert?

Falcon Aerial Analytics' Services

Exceeding Your Expectations


Survey and Mapping

Aerial Survey Services

Near real time land mapping and surveys, digital terrain models/DTMs, Ortho-mosaics and photo realistic 3D models Quickly, Safely, and Affordably.

With a proven track record of delivering complex projects in record time the survey and mapping capabilities will add to your bottom line by increasing data visibility and reducing delays in getting the right data at the right time. With a mixture of strategic partners we can deliver a complete service from conception to completion.


Aerial Photo of a Field

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Survey & Monitoring

Altitude Imaging provides the Industry with a comprehensive environmental survey service specializing in the provision of high resolution survey and spatial solutions. The team at FAA understand the need for reliable environmental data.
Our UAV systems allow you to rapidly and frequently survey inaccessible areas without exposing personnel to health and safety risks and are a cost-effective alternative to conventional aerial surveys & mapping.
Whether it be simple oblique photography, complete GIS data sets or more complex 3D modelling required, we will capture and process your data accurately, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our professional UAV systems provide outstanding repeatable positional accuracy and definition.

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Inspection Services

Avoid man riding crane, scaffolding, cherry picker and rigging issues to quickly access your tall structures, large infrastructure works and complex engineering projects.
Our UAV/drones are safe, reliable and compact enough to access the most difficult of working environments.
Our equipment is not only ideal for external applications, we have solutions for inspecting inside structures and buildings.

Aerial Photo of a City

Custom Solutions

Consulting Services

Implement customized UAV solutions into your operations to reduce waste, save time and dramatically increase safety.
Everyone knows now that UAV’s are changing the face of work that is Dull, Dirty and Dangerous, but there is sometimes more questions than answers when it comes to using drones, FAA provides customized UAV application development for heavy industry.


Chosen with our clients in Mind

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The Airboxer® is a long-range, fuel-driven unmanned
helicopter (VTOL UAV). Because of its size, weight and
capabilities, it creates a class on its own and brings
industrial reliability into the UAV market in an
unprecedented small size. High Eye believes its
product should be safe to operate under nearly all
circumstances and conditions, throughout the year.

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Quantum Systems

Starting with the first version of the Trinity in 2017, it provides the basis for a highly efficient and at the same time, affordable eVTOL UAS without compromising on features.

The Trinity F90+ leverages this platform and improves many aspects to offer professional users even more functionality at an excellent value for money resulting in a high return on invest

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Inspire 2

DJI's magnesium-aluminum-clad Inspire 2 Quadcopter is a powerful cinematic and photographic tool. Combining the Inspire 2 with the separately available X4S, X5S and X7 gimbal cameras yields cinema-grade images, which can be recorded in high bit rates using H.264 and H.265 formats, or, in the case of the X5R, various flavors of Apple ProRes and CinemaDNG raw using the required licenses available from DJI. All the recording functionality is processed by the Inspire 2's CineCore 2.0 image processing engine.



Long endurance, large payload, stable structure and high reliability, two version gasolineor heavy oil powered VTOL fixed-wing UAV is specially designed for both land or sea-base mission featuring high-precision and large area aviation application.

Operators can also navigate the CW-40 while using the JOUAVR EagleMapTM withintegrated features of mission planning, video surveillance, real-time mosaic,Al processing, multi-station networking, remote take-off & landing, etc, which will offer youreal-time situational awareness and actionable intelligence.


Matrice 210 RTK V2

Built with enterprise users in mind, DJI's Matrice 210 Professional Quadcopter with RTK leverages the Inspire 2 platform but is ruggedized and built to withstand harsh conditions. This particular version of the Matrice 210 adds BeiDou RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) module, for precise navigation down to the centimeter. The body of the drone itself is rated at IP43 for weather and water resistance in the field. Dual battery bays can house two included TB50 or separately available TB55 batteries to power the drone for flights lasting up to 32 minutes.


Matrice 600 PRO

The Matrice 600 Pro (M600 Pro) inherits everything from the M600 with improved flight performance and better loading capacity. Pre-installed arms and antennas reduce time required for setup, and the system’s modular design makes it easy to mount additional modules. The airframe is equipped with the latest DJI technologies, including the A3 Pro flight controller, Lightbridge 2 HD transmission system, Intelligent Batteries and Battery Management system. Several Zenmuse cameras and gimbals are natively compatible and full integration with third party software and hardware make the M600 Pro ideal for professional aerial photography and industrial applications.

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