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Consulting Services

Custom Solutions

Falcon Aerial Analytics specializes in introducing our clients to the advantages offered by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and the associated processing software. We can work with you to help determine your specific needs and which solutions or approaches may best fit those needs.

With a wide variety of professional UAV experience with multiple aircraft and applications, we know how to save you the inordinate amount of time, money and mishaps that typically accompany these decisions.  With consulting, training, product sales and professional pilots in a flexible, customer-centric environment, our customers leave with the confidence that they have the most practical, efficient UAV solutions on the market.



  • Reducing the uncertainty through training both operators and clients

  • Utilizing industry leading, reliable and powerful UAV platforms

  • Creating clear documentation and strategies for completing technical projects

  • Increase safety to your operations

  • Decrease delivery time of data while increased quality


  • Mining

  • Oil & gas

  • Roads & rail infrastructure

  • Energy and renewables

  • Civil construction and development

  • Other Industry


  • Provide valuable time sensitive data

  • Remove workers from areas of high risk

  • Take higher resolution images and video from valuable vantage points.

  • Quickly and efficiently complete difficult tasks

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