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DJI Matrice 210 RTK

Robust Solution for the Enterprise

The advanced electronics found in the Matrice 210 include computer-vision intelligent flight modes using DJI's FlightAutonomy system. With this system objects in front of, below, and above the drone can be detected and avoided automatically. What's more: using the onboard 2-axis stabilized FPV camera, the pilot can navigate the Matrice 210 without being limited to a mounted gimbal camera's field-of-view.

For image capture and analysis, the Matrice 210 is compatible with DJI's separately available Zenmuse gimbal cameras, including the X4S, X5S, and Z30 — with each model offering different FOV options, as well as the XT, which offers thermal imaging. Where the 210 model differs from the 200 is in its flexible payload and connectivity support for additional sensors, whether they be from third parties or future upgrades. The 210 model can have two different gimbal cameras mounted underneath the drone for forward and downward views, or one gimbal camera mounted atop the drone for upward views, useful for examining infrastructure from below.


Real solutions

Power Line Inspection

With improved reliability and precisions, inspectors are empowered to visualize extensive powerline networks with unparalleled detail despite adverse conditions

Search and Rescue

Equipped with both an aerial zoom and thermal camera, first responders can now quickly locate missing people in remote areas and plan the safest approach path.


Wind Turbine Inspection

With improved flight stability in windy conditions and a top-mounted gimbal, turbine inspectors can spot millimeter-sized damage along all parts of a turbine’s propellers.


Bridge  Inspection

With a top-mounted gimbal pilots can fully inspect bridges, allowing teams to adequately plan maintenance schedules for improved public safety and minimized costs.


Precision Agriculture

Combine visual and multispectral cameras for quicker crop scouting.

M210 Precision AG.jpg

Solar Panel Inspections

Inspect panels with visual and thermal imagery to detect defects.

M210 Solar.jpg

Firefighting and First Responders

Get a complete view of a dangerous situation with visual and thermal cameras.

M210 First Responders.jpg

Telecommunications' Inspections

Rapidly detect millimeter-sized damages while conducting routine inspections.

M210 Telecom 2.jpg

Construction Site Mapping

Quickly obtain data to generate accurate 3D maps for progress tracking.

M210 Construction.jpg
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